My name is Jemima and I am a 23-year-old fashion lover who has finally decided to take the plunge and see what the blogging world is really like. I say finally as this seems like years in the making. I have taken photos of my outfits since I got my first digital camera at age 13. I have always loved the creativity of getting dressed in the morning – deciding what to wear has a huge impact on my mood and motivation for the day. Fashion/style or whatever you would like to call it is more for me than just clothes. It is a way to express yourself and get creative, it is how you communicate to the world who you are and where you want to go.

It is such a big part of who I am as a person that I have decided to create a place where I can document and share my outfits, thoughts and generally anything that inspires me – and hopefully inspire you in some way. This will be mainly fashion but with topics like interior, art, music, food and travel/places thrown into the mix.

So here we go. Come along for the ride, stay for a while or maybe just a minute … I hope you enjoy and feel inspired by some of the things I share.

Much love,

J xx



  1. Well hello Jemima Beth! Looking forward to being inspired by your posts and tips, I have always loved your fashion – I think I will like this corner of this internet 😉 xoxo

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