First evening in Milan

So here is the first post from our trip to Milan. My uni took a one week (five day) trip to Milan for design week. Each year the city hosts the “Salone de Mobile”, a furniture tradeshow which has become the international reference point for the furnishing sector and based on that a lot of brands and designers put on installations throughout the city. There is a handy guide to these installations and this year there were over 300 (!).

We all kind of found our own ways to Milan, eight of us decided to take the train. It takes around seven hours from Pforzheim but it’s a very scenic route, taking you through Switzerland with it’s beautiful lakes and mountains. Also when you’re travelling in a group chatting and playing games times flies by.

Once we got there my friend Lily and I made our way to the AirBnB which we were sharing with some girls that were flying in and therefore got in a bit later than us. Without wasting much time we decided to explore the neighbourhood our flat was situated in. The weather was really nice throughout the whole trip and so we just wandered around taking in the beautiful old buildings and tree-lined streets.


Around 7pm-ish we started to get a bit peckish and came across a bar which we decided to check out. This is where the title will start to make sense… in Milan they have a lot of “apperitivo bars” which are bars where basically you go in and pay for drinks (which tend to be slightly more expensive than what we’re used to in Germany – 5€ for a beer in this case but only 3€ for a glass of wine) but all the food is free. The “Mom Café” served mainly snack foods like sandwiches, crips, chunks of parmesan and salami but it was perfect for us. This first evening sitting on the benches outside the bar, watching the sun slowly go down and drinking and eating was a real highlight of that trip. If you ever happen to be in Milan then I would really recommend going to the Mom Café.

So this concludes the first post on our time in Milan… I have a few more lined up focussing more on the design aspect, probably more food and maybe some outfit shots. Stay tuned 😉




Thanks to Lily for the pictures.


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