Here is a bit of a picture-heavy post to celebrate this wonderful (and very late) summer… These pictures were taken on the way home to my parents after a night-out for a friends 30th… so feeling a bit delicate but this flowy Zara dress was perfect for the occasion (i.e. hangover brunch). Seeing as it’s a pretty simple dress it goes well with some more statement boots, which I got last year but are a big trend for this season. Kind of hoping for colder weather now… time to get out those jumpers and coats! Much love! Thanks to Dominik Emmert for the photos.

Last week was my 24th Birthday. It’s crazy how another year flew by and how dates like this kind of creep up on you even when you’ve been expecting them (do you know what I mean?). So, it’s time for some reflection… My 23rd year in life has been a good one. I finished my bachelor’s degree with a grade far better than I had expected and immediately went on to study a master’s degree in Creative Communication and Brand Management which I then changed, one term in, to Creative Direction. While it might be difficult to understand the difference between the two courses, the degree I am studying now is far more creative and has led to a personal development over the past few months which I am equally surprised by and also very happy about. Suffice to say: it was a great decision. This year, or more…