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Seeing as the last two posts were more about travel and places and not so much about fashion I thought I’d get some photos together that are just based around outfits and what I wore (… in different places). These photos were taken by my trusty photographer boyfriend when I went to visit him in Münster. I believe this was in February, where we had a few rays of sunshine and relatively warm weather – you could still wear this outfit now… which is why I wanted to share it.


This outfit is made up of a few favourite old pieces which are classics mixed with some (then) new in bits. The Jaeger coat I have talked about before – my best sale find from about 3 years ago now. It really is such a staple piece. It goes with everything and I like that it is navy rather than black as I think it looks less “heavy”. The hat and jumper I have also had for over a year and still love today – lilac and purple hues are key colours for this season if you were to trust the trend forecasters. The jeans are a straight-leg style from H&M. I wrote in my previous blogpost that I am trying to be more sustainable when shopping and H&M is not the place to go for that. However, I have worn their jeans for years now as I know my size and can order just one pair without worrying about the fit. Shopping for jeans is one of the most stressful things to shop for, I think. With tops (blazers, blouses, jumpers etc.) you can usually estimate quite quickly which size you should go for, but jeans are just a completely different story. If anyone had any tips how to go about this, I’d be very grateful… I still really like this pair though. The straight leg kind of kicks out a bit at the bottom and shows of the boots. My boots are a Chelsea boot style from Zara – I had a pair that I wore to death (almost literally as the heels were all worn off, but which I sold to a girl via Kleiderkreisel who was looking for a pair to re-heel so they went to a good home) so I was looking to invest in a new pair and I really like the slightly higher heel of this pair. Lastly the accessories – the bag I have talked about before, was a very nice gift for my birthday last year and the belt I bought from &otherstories. They have this belt in a variety of colours and finishes and it is such a good size – statement but not over the top.



So, I hope this low-down on the outfit wasn’t too boring. I always try to describe what I’m wearing (although that is pretty obvious) but also give some insight into the thought process behind choosing the pieces and also showing that not everything has to be new to still look current. Granted, this is quite a classic look that I don’t think will date too soon – but maybe it will give you some inspiration when choosing what to wear.

Hope the sun is shining where you are!




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