One thing I like to do when putting outfits together is search for inspiration on Pinterest. Sometimes there will be a specific piece of clothing that inspires me but other times I want to recreate the whole look. Such as in this case. I love this smart-casual look that Selena (or her stylist, who knows) put together. It’s super simple and I think it would work for many occasions. I wore it out for lunch on a sunny day.



I feel like these are pieces that lots of people will have in their wardrobe. A lot of the time Instagram/ YouTube etc. makes me want to buy the latest trends and pieces I see on famous bloggers (and not gonna lie a lot of the time I do…) but it makes me forget how many (many) things I already have. The only thing that I bought this year are the jeans. Everything else is at least one or two years old. I got this cardigan at least 5 years ago from Mango and it’s still going strong and I’m sure you can find something similar on the high-street right now.


So just a small reminder that newer isn’t always better and that a browse on Pinterest can refresh your creativity and make you look at your wardrobe a bit differently. Here is a link to mine if you want to have a nosey.