Hey stranger – hi, hello how are we all?

It’s been a while and so I thought I’d kick things off with a rather picture-heavy update from my life since I last posted. A lot has happened since October 2018 and this blog is just as much for anyone who fancies reading it as it is for me to document and look back on what I’ve been up to.


I started writing my Master thesis in October which is the main reason as to why it’s been quiet over here. When you spend your days writing and researching all day all you want to do in the evening is chill out (or actually go to the gym to get some exercise in) and not continue writing… Also I spent most of my days in sweatpants so not too fashion forward. A lot of days were spent procrastinating, trying new recipes to distract myself (might post some recipes on here soon) and going for walks to clear my head. We also celebrated my Mum’s Birthday on the 18th October and my roommates on the 14th.


My dad came to visit me at the beginning of the month as it was a bank holiday. We had lunch at a lovely Indian restaurant, went for coffee and walked up to the Wallberg in Pforzheim. I went up to visit my boyfriend in Münster for his birthday on the 6th November which was a nice sunny day.


December is pretty much my favourite month of the year. I love the countdown to Christmas, doing all kinds of Christmassy things like baking cookies, going to Christmas markets, drinking mulled wine and just getting cosy. The most part of December was spent finalising my thesis in order to really take the time off over Christmas and New Year. We celebrated Christmas early in my flat with friends, making Raclette and swapping secret Santa presents. Then on the 23rd we drove over to England (we always take the ferry) to spend it with our family that lives in Brighton. Getting on the ferry is always the best part – eating fish and chips and looking out over the waves really symbolises the start of a holiday.

I just love Christmas. Time spent with family, eating a whole lot of food, going for walks on the beach and watching movies.


New Years is always special as it is my sister’s Birthday on the 1st January so there are two reasons to celebrate. I rang in the New Year with friends in Pforzheim and then drove home to see Amy and my family the next day. Then it was back to business to get my thesis finally done and in print. Needless to say, we were all pretty happy to be done and celebrated with pizza and wine.


February began with receiving the final certificates from uni. After that I took a trip to lake Constance with some friends, which was very relaxing – going for walks, cooking together and playing games. It was also quite a busy month as I moved out of my flat in Pforzheim and back in with my parents as I figure out what to do next.


More trips in March… I went to Straßburg for the day with my (now old) roommates, to Berlin and then Amsterdam for a few days (which I hope to post about more in detail soon) with my boyfriend. So, this brings us to today. It’s a weird time when you’ve finished your studies, but I’ve decided to take it slow and really think about what my next step will be. It can often feel like there are predetermined ways to go but in the end it’s up to you!

Hope you enjoyed this short insight into what I’ve been up to 🙂



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