One of the reasons I started this blog was to show that you can have style and wear fun clothes no matter what your budget. I am currently studying a master’s degree and while I do still have some support from my parents I also work to earn extra money (which I then mainly spend on clothes). I think that it is so easy to find pieces that you love on the high street which you can wear over and over again. But even when on a budget it is still possible to snag some more expensive (and maybe longer lasting) pieces along the way. As we are slowly coming into Spring this look has some of my favourite investment pieces that I wore over winter and some of which can easily work for the whole year.



So starting with the coat – I actually got it in the sales last year. It’s from Jaeger so usually quite an investment but seeing it was in the sales it turned out to be a steal and I have worn it non stop last year and no doubt will be for a few years to come.

The bag was also a sale find and even though it is quite small (I can’t fit my wallet in it and usually just take my cards fastened by a bobby pin – classy), I still reach for it loads. I love the pop of colour it lends to an outfit and kind of smartens up any look.


The shoes are the last “investment” piece I wanted to talk about. I actually received them as a gift for my last birthday so I didn’t spend money on them myself but we did get them in the UK as they were quite a bit cheaper than in Germany. They’re great as you can wear them in winter with socks as they have a thick sole but are equally good for spring.

So basically my tips for investing on a budget is that you should always scour the sales as you never know what you might find. The sales are a perfect time to check out more premium stores as they often have great discounts. Also online shopping is great when you can bookmark an item and see if it ever gets discounted.

Barring the above the highstreet always have some sort of version of the higher end designs… just keep looking.



  1. So pretty, looks like NYC street style 💙 I love your corner of the internet!

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