… at least that’s the plan.

I guess studying doesn’t actually leave you with lots of time in between to write blogpost.

But then again that is not entirely true.

When I started this project, I was full of ideas and motivation to finally have something that was mine and that I could create in whatever way I wanted. I felt like I had something to say… even if I maybe hadn’t figured out how to say it yet. And while my love for fashion and food and interiors and travel has not waivered, my love for the internet and blogging and Instagram kind of has. And I don’t mean other peoples’ blogs or Instagram feeds – those I very much appreciate – but my own. I felt like what I was doing was kind of superfluous, like it didn’t matter and maybe wasn’t interesting. And I know that numbers aren’t the most important thing, but it can make you feel that maybe no one really cares about what you’re doing and although that should not be the main focus, I can’t seem to shake that feeling in my head. And, and, and… I could be here all day making up excuses, so we’ll leave it at that. Maybe, it should be enough that I like what I’m doing and if I manage to reach even one person who has the same interest and gets what I’m trying to say than that should be more than enough.

So here we go again. I will try to post stuff here that I am passionate about and interested in and will try and put numbers and likes out of my head. Who am I making this promise to? Myself. And why am I writing it down here? Who knows, maybe putting it out into the interweb will make me feel accountable. Maybe not…

Just when you think you’re in control
Just when you think you’ve got a hold
Just when you get on a roll
Oh, here it goes, here it goes, here it goes again
Oh, here it goes again

Check out the music video to this song – it’s pretty epic.



  1. Hello, I think it’s great that you’re are trying again and with many blogs out there I’m sure it’s not easy to stand out but it takes time and I’m sure many bloggers felt like this when they started and they surely didn’t have many people following them but the key is to be consistent with what you’re doing and I’m definetly looking forward to more photos and posts!

    Love you xx

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