Last week was my 24th Birthday. It’s crazy how another year flew by and how dates like this kind of creep up on you even when you’ve been expecting them (do you know what I mean?).

So, it’s time for some reflection… My 23rd year in life has been a good one. I finished my bachelor’s degree with a grade far better than I had expected and immediately went on to study a master’s degree in Creative Communication and Brand Management which I then changed, one term in, to Creative Direction. While it might be difficult to understand the difference between the two courses, the degree I am studying now is far more creative and has led to a personal development over the past few months which I am equally surprised by and also very happy about. Suffice to say: it was a great decision.

Birthday full


This year, or more to the point – this summer has been the year of travel for me. I managed to squeeze 5 trips into the space of two months. I visited Denmark with my boyfriend, England with my parents, Belgium with my bestie, Spain with the fam and finally a short trip to the black forest with some friends from uni. I feel so lucky to have had the time and the means to explore so much and hope that that won’t change (too much) next year.

Also, I started my blog this year and while I am still a bit sporadic about posting, I am happy that I finally realized this dream of mine. I hope that I will keep being motivated to write about life and the world and that now and then someone will stop by in my little corner of the internet and enjoy what they find.

Birthday double

I stayed in Pforzheim for another year – which may seem like a safe option but also means I am more than ready for a change come next year.

This brings me to the things I am looking forward to in this new year in life.

I am finishing my master’s degree in January (if all goes to plan) and am eager to get into the “real world” – find a job I enjoy in a big city with a nice flat (is that too much to ask?). Although I have thoroughly enjoyed being a student, I feel ready for this new chapter.

Birthday square

And lastly a few notes on this outfit. Usually I would have thought to wear a nice flowy dress on my birthday, but I actually really liked this kind of laid back look. I ordered the dungarees from ASOS and they arrived the day before my birthday – perfect timing. I decided to pair them with a grey turtleneck from Uniqlo (seriously the best there is for knitwear – affordable and great quality), some Doc Martens Chelsea boots (which I think I’ve had for about 3 years now – they are serving me well) and my trusty leather jacket from Mango. Another new addition was my very special birthday present from D in form of this beautiful leather bag from Massimo Dutti. It has a great size and shape, just a very classic design. I have gotten loads of compliments on it, from friends and family – no matter what their style.

So that’s all for this rather long post – I really enjoyed writing and reflecting on the past year. It’s easy to get caught in the slog of everyday life and sometimes you just need to take a step back and appreciate all the milestones you have accomplished so far.


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